India's Everest Spices maintains its products are safe following health concerns.

Well-known food company Everest declared that its fish curry spice blend was safe to use following complaints from Singapore and Hong Kong.

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India's Everest Spices maintains its products are safe following health concerns.

Everest, a well-known food brand in India, has declared that its spice blend for fish curry is safe to use in response to worries about a chemical that may cause cancer.

Following reports of purportedly high amounts of a pesticide known to cause cancer in a product in Singapore and Hong Kong, Indian firm Everest Food Products declared on Tuesday that their spices were safe to eat.

Earlier this month, Singapore issued a warning to the public not to use the spice mixture for fish curries. It happened after Hong Kong banned the sale of three additional items from the hugely popular Indian brand MDH, as well as the Everest spice blend for fish curries.

The items were allegedly found to contain high concentrations of ethylene oxide, a pesticide that can cause cancer, according to authorities in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Regarding Everest's fish curry spice mix, Singapore's food agency stated on April 18 that "consumers who have purchased the implicated product are advised not to consume it," advising them to seek medical attention if they are concerned.

Spices are harmless, according to Everest

The Reuters news agency quoted a statement from Everest's director on Tuesday, stating that the particular item under investigation was safe to eat.

Director of Everest Food Products Rajiv Shah stated, "Exports are cleared only after receiving necessary clearances and approval from the laboratories of the Spice Board of India."

Of the sixty products, he claimed, only one had been kept for inspection and it was safe to use, so there was no reason to be concerned.

MDH has not yet addressed the accusations. As reported by Reuters, Everest and MDH were requested by India's regulator of spice exports, the Spcies Board of India, to furnish information regarding quality tests on Tuesday.

newspaper said that the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the country's top food regulator, has also instructed all states to gather samples of powdered spices and conduct arbitrary testing.

The paper states that the regulator anticipates receiving a combined report on the subject within the next twenty-five days.

Indian kitchens commonly utilize MDH and Everest as their go-to spices while preparing food at home or in dining establishments. Additionally, the businesses export to the UK, the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

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